Your lenses will be professionally selected with you during your Virtual Fitting Appointment

Types of lenses:

  1. Single vision lenses; distance, intermediate, near ; most recommended post concussion for better balance, best peripheral/side vision, least dizziness/least distortion
    – You will be prescribed the pair(s) depending on your visual needs and viewing distances

  2. Bifocal

  3. Therapeutic Multifocal/Antifatigue

  4. PAL multifocal

  5. Prism lenses
    – Can be incorporated into any type of lens as determined by your prescription
    – Can be used to relieve eye strain and increase visual comfort and stamina
    – Can be used to increase access to peripheral vision
    – Can be used to assist balance. Yoke prism can re-align the body’s visual center with the body

  6. tinted lenses

  7. Transition lenses

  8. Blue light filter lenses

  9. Binasal occlusion lenses