Corporate Culture

A message from our president: Why company culture is important to me and the company


Our company culture gives us strong unity as a group. It creates an environment for all our people to know how they can expect to be treated, and what’s expected of them for code of conduct within our practice toward each other and our patients. It gives our brand a defined identity and personality for everyone to relate to both inside and outside the company. It creates cohesion in all that we do to ensure a solid reputation in the community on which we can grow.

What Is Our Purpose & Mission:

Our noble purpose:  ILLUMINATE and ELEVATE

Our WHY:  to uncover higher potential

This comes from our desire for everyone to have the opportunity to function at their highest potential, reaching their maximum level of performance for the betterment of themselves and the world. We do this by giving each individual the ability to integrate their visual process in the brain and connect it through their body so they can function at their optimal level.


For people who have lost this ability in life due to head injury we provide opportunity for them to recover their potential by uncovering: the underlying deficits in visual function, how to rebuild these functions and how to regain optimum performance.


For people who haven’t developed these abilities secondary to developmental delay or learning disability, we foresee higher possibility for them by discovering areas of visual function that are lacking or impaired. And through remedial visual training we uncover what they can be capable of through enhancing the visual process.


What Is Our Vision:

We envision a world where everyone is firing on all cylinders, functioning at their highest potential easily and effortlessly. A world where people who have had a brain injury can regain their normal life as much as possible. A world where people who have a learning disability or developmental delay can build more capacity to learn and grow through maximizing how they use and process their vision.

What Are Our Core Values:

1. Innovation  

2. Dedication  

3. Clarity  

4. Sincerity

  • We are continually pursuing ways to increase the comprehensiveness and power of our therapy.

  • We are leaders in our industry striving for the most effective and encompassing treatment.

  • We are at the leading edge of new technology and procedures to maximize our vision therapy success for the maximum amount of patients.

We are dedicated to:

  • providing the most effective care possible

  • providing the highest quality service and product possible

  • providing solutions to people that work for them

  • maximum success and results

  • collaboration within our team, with our patients, and with our colleagues

  • never ending learning

  • growth of ourselves and our company to help the maximum number of people to service