What are Visual Skills?

Most people don’t realize that you need 17 different visual skills to succeed in reading, learningsports, and in life... only one of those skills is visual acuity (your 20/20 eyesight). 

Adults will figure out many ways to compensate for their visual problems so that they can continue with any strenuous visual work they need to do. Often, adults come home from work extremely tired when all they did was sit at a desk and do paperwork.

Vision Therapy can help to reduce the strain of near work as well as work with any other kinds of visual problems. The proper lenses along with vision therapy make a tremendous difference in an adult's ability to function at work or sports, just as with children of school age.

These evaluations assess the visual skills that are related to your concern or symptoms as needed, including those skills involved in:

  • fixation

  • tracking

  • eye alignment

  • eye muscle function

  • near focus

  • peripheral focus

  • focus change

  • binocularity

  • visual midline

  • vestibular-ocular reflex

  • primitive reflexes 


Visuals Skills Evaluation

*not intended for people with academic concerns


This is for:

1. People who have symptoms related to faulty visual skill with no history of concussion/brain injury, or learning problems at school.


  • computer viewing discomfort

  • eye strain and fatigue

  • double vision

  • vertigo and balance problems


This evaluation consists of one appointment:

1. Doctor Visual Skill Exam & Treatment Plan Assessment

  • the doctor will investigate over a dozen functional visual skills as it relates to your unique situation, and prescribe a treatment plan for your success

The appointment is 1.5 hours.