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Dr. Mueller began practicing Optometry in 2001 after graduating with honours from the University of Waterloo. In 2011, she added Vision Therapy to her primary care practice. Dr. Mueller’s fascination with vision therapy was born out of her own learning related vision difficulties that affected her reading and learning as early as grade 3.


Undiagnosed, she realized in university that she had a vision problem when she became symptomatic for double vision. In 2015, she graduated as a Fellow with the College of Optometrist in Vision Development. Her passion for vision therapy was further increased by her own head injury and recovery from post trauma vision syndrome, as well as being driven to find solutions for her daughter who was diagnosed with a lazy eye. By 2016, Dr. Mueller dedicated her optometric career to vision therapy, and founded NeuroVision Therapy. We opened the doors to our NeuroVision Therapy clinic, and added NeuroDevelopmental Movement® to enhance our Vision Therapy capabilities, with dedication to providing Vision Therapy services and a sincere ability to help those with brain injury or learning issues to uncover higher potential.

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