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NeuroDevelopmental Movement

NeuroDevelopmental Movement  is a non-invasive, drug free program for helping those who have any form or degree of developmental delay or damage to the central nervous system. A neurodevelopmental program that uses movement, sensory, and reflex integration, and a movement based program that you perform at home under the supervision and guidance of your consultant.

The Developmental Sequence

The foundational levels of the brain are responsible for setting the stage for every human being to regulate, balance and coordinate emotions, behaviors, physical structures, external/internal sensations, proprioception, impulse control, attention, focus, vision, fight-flight-freeze, bonding/attachment, social skills, language function, gross/fine motor skills and overall brain function later in life.

The NeuroDevelopmental Movement   Program is based on the Developmental Sequence which is what every human infant needs to facilitate the maturity of the lower levels of the brain. It is comprised of movement, reflex patterns, sensory, vestibulars and related activities.

The lower levels of the brain are where functional vision skills emerge.  The Developmental Sequence provides the neurological foundations for horizontal and vertical eye tracking, eye contact, near focus, near-far focus, convergence, and eye-hand coordination.  

Playing Soccer


How It Works

Due to neuroplasticity your brain can recover or develop at any age by growing new brain cells and new connections between cells. This requires frequency, intensity, and sufficient duration of exercise to take effect. We replicate the natural developmental sequence, which is what every unimpeded, unimpaired infant goes through to optimize their neurology. It is composed of mobility, sensory, vestibular, and reflex stimulation.

Mobility exercises include tummy crawling, creeping on hands and knees, and other related activities. We address sensory needs through visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation. For vestibular stimulation, we use an array of activities to move quickly and briefly through space, like jumping, spinning, and rolling. For reflex integration, we include whole body reflexive movement patterns.

Every brain develops from the bottom up with the lower levels providing a foundation for the higher levels. It is important that each level is fully optimized, leaving no gaps in the foundation, as a gap will affect the function of the upper levels of the brain. Vision, along with all sensory and motor systems develop together.




What It Does

NeuroDevelopmental Movement   provides the foundation in the lower levels of the brain which supports vision development in vision therapy along with the higher levels.  It also enhances higher level Vision Therapy work. In the vision system, the lower levels of the brain are responsible for making things automatic such as: horizontal eye tracking (moving your eyes smoothly from side to side), vertical eye tracking (moving your eyes smoothly from up and down), eye teaming and convergence (pointing both eyes at the same target at the same time, particularly when looking at close range).

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