Uncover Higher Potential

My Story...

When I was in grade 3, I started having trouble reading. The words would swim on the page, I’d lose my place and skip lines. My eyes and head would ache and I felt nauseous. I figured that this was normal and how reading was for everyone, I didn’t know why I was so much slower than everyone else and why it was so hard for me to understand what I read.

I did everything possible to avoid reading.


Coping strategies became my only way of getting through. It wasn’t until I was in university, when it would take me up to 10 hours to get through a chapter in my textbook, that I discovered this was a vision problem. My vision would blur in and out, and go double even though I had 20/20 vision.

I have also had my own experience later in life with head injury and concussion.   I know all too well what it feels like to suffer from light and sound sensitivity, while being too dizzy and nauseous to walk or drive.  I know what it was like when this didn’t get better after several months., along with other symptoms of Post Trauma Vision Syndrome like not being able to tolerate seeing things like traffic moving around me, or watch TV.

I did everything possible to avoid busy environments.

Through the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, I discovered Optometric Vision Therapy. The most valuable thing I have learned is that there is a way to uncover higher potential, and that is why I do this.”

– Dr. Coralee Mueller, Optometrist in Vision Development

Our Values




We are continually pursuing ways to increase the comprehensiveness and power of our therapy.

We are leaders in our industry striving for the most effective and encompassing treatment.

We are at the leading edge of new technology and procedures to maximize our vision therapy success for the maximum amount of people.




We are dedicated to:

  • providing the most effective care possible,

  • providing solutions to people that work for them,

  • maximum success and results,

  • collaboration within our team, with our patients, and with our colleagues,

  • never ending learning,

  • growth of ourselves and our company to help and serve,

  • loving our people as though they are our family,

  • treating our people with love and respect,

  • service




We mean what we say and do.

We act out of love for all.

We stand by what we do earnestly.

We behave toward our people with heartfelt compassion.

We act to provide the best solutions for all.