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What is
Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is changing the brain through vision development.


  1. The opportunity to reach higher potential

  2. Neuroadaptive learning

  3. Perceptual learning

  4. Neurological vision development and rehabilitation

  5.  A treatment plan used to correct or improve specific dysfunction of the vision system including:

    • strabismus

    • amblyopia

    • accommodation (focusing)

    • oculomotor dysfunction & visual-perceptual-motor abilities

What is Vision Therapy?

Some people do not naturally develop the foundational skills needed for an efficient visual process, which hinders their abilities such as reading or focusing. Or some people lose their functional visual skills due to a head injury or concussion. It’s like not having the proper tools for the job.  Imagine trying to build a house using only a hammer. In order to work effectively it’s necessary to have all the tools required for the job.  Vision therapy helps people learn all the visual tools they need to function efficiently. This is done with special therapeutic glasses and/or exercises.

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