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"Three years ago, I had no idea why my six year old boy, Matthew, could not read. I had successfully taught his older sisters to read with no problems. He knew all his letters and sounds but when it came to putting it all together into words and sentences, it all came to a halt. As a friend suggested, I researched NeuroVision Therapy before any learning disability. I was super impressed with Dr. Mueller and all her amazing therapists. Matthew worked super hard and the therapy worked! After 40 weeks of therapy, Matthew is reading on grade level and reading for fun! NeuroVision Therapy works and has changed Matthew’s life!"

- Sharon, mom of Matthew, age 10

"Before vision therapy, I hated reading and writing and copying words. Now I can read Grade 4 books and writing is much easier!"

- Matthew, age 10

"Thank you for helping my girl, Teegan, with her “wonky” eyes. She no longer contorts her body to watch TV, she can control her eye movements now and has even found the joy and pleasure of controlling her eye movements. Thank you."

- Petrina, mom of Teegan, age 8

"Eye therapy has noticeably improved my vision and reduced symptoms that came from my concussion. All the activities were like games and fun to do. Everyone working at the office was so kind and welcoming. I would recommend eye therapy to others!"

- Venessa, age 15

"Dylan’s improvements in school and sports have not only been noticed by us, his parents, but also by his teachers and coaches which in turn has made him a happy child filled with confidence. We can’t say enough good things about the staff either. This whole process has been fun as well as challenging for the whole family. He has stated that he is happy to be graduating but also sad as he will miss everyone."

- Tina, mom of Dylan, age 12

"We are lucky that we found Dr. Mueller as Kieran’s eye specialist. Previously, Kieran was seen by different eye doctor specialists in Toronto but they were not able to diagnose for his eye issues. There, we would like to thank Dr. Mueller for all her knowledge and patience with Kieran. Also, we would like to express our special thanks to Laura for making all the effort to help Kieran’s vision get better. Currently, Kieran’s vision is much better after a year of therapy, and he barely needs glasses nowadays. Thanks Laura for all of your patients and we hope you did not get tired of listening to Kieran’s stories. All the best for you and thanks again for everything."

- Miryam, mom of Kieran, age 10

"I had a great experience in 2017-2018. I wish I could stay but I can’t. I had fun doing activities with Laura. All the activities were fun, some were easy, some were hard. Like Laura said, never give up!"

- Kieran, age 10

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