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Athletes require elite neuro-visual skills that are more than just seeing 20/20.
Top athletes can interpret, process, and organize visual information quickly and accurately.

Our training will help you get there!

If you really want to level up your game, invest in a clinic-based training program. This starts with a vision evaluation catered specifically to your sport. This is done by a neuro-optometrist in the clinic, or virtually, to measure all of the visual skills you use while performing in your sport.
We then design a unique vision training program based on the results of your evaluation. These programs are hands-on, one-on-one with a Vision Therapist to address the specific skills you need to be your best in your sport.

Enroll in our self-guided, therapist-supported sports performance enhancement program. Our online, video-based programs are 12 weeks in length and guide you through a daily vision exercise regimen designed specifically to enhance the visual skills used most in sports. Join elite athletes and conquer your sport through vision training!

Coming soon! 24 week programs - March 2023


We believe that everyone has the ability to uncover higher potential. If you believe in elevating performance to increase opportunity, our dynamic sports training programs can help you elevate your game and uncover your higher potential.


The Power of 4!

By exercising four key neuro-visual skills:
Near-far focus
Peripheral focus
Eye Teaming

You can improve in these four areas:
Hand-Eye Coordination
Visual Reaction Time
Processing Speed

Our proven sports vision training program is a 12 to 24-week exercise program that targets visual skills including: tracking, near-far focus, peripheral focus and eye teaming.

Each week has a unique set of exercises to learn and practice as you build higher levels of visual skill to incorporate into your game. Exercises are centered around sports activities and visual demands.

Training sessions can be done one-on-one in the office once a week with a NeuroVision Trainer, or by enrolling in our self-study online sports vision training course.

  • Tracking
    Improving your tracking abilities will strengthen your accuracy of following the puck, hitting a ball or returning a 100km/h tennis serve.
  • Near-Far Focus
    Having the ability to change from looking up close to far away will help you see an opening to score the winning goal, hit a baseball or kick a ball into the net. Accurately judging time and distances is important to make winning plays.
  • Peripheral Awareness
    Improving your peripheral abilities will allow you to see more of the field, take a pass or avoid being hit.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
    Improving hand-eye coordination will help you make contact for a one-timer, or help you with a strong golf stroke.
  • Visual Reaction Time
    Quick reaction times are important due to the nature of the sport. Being able to take in what you see visually, react and then make decisions quickly is essential. An example would be making a turn at high speeds in auto racing.
  • Processing Speed
    Processing multiple things quickly such as knowing where all the players are, and how much time is left in the play, is important to be an efficient player.
  • Balance
    If you get bumped, spun or forced to change direction quickly, having more stable vision produces more stable balance.

Sports Vision Training has additional benefits that include improved academics and mental/emotional elements.

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Our Program Applies To All Sports

How well can you handle high stress situations in your sport? With 5 seconds left in the game, can you quickly scan the court for an open pass, avoid the player guarding you and block out all noise and distractions from the crowd to complete the play all before the buzzer?

Imagine you are a goalie. Could you follow the puck, keep track of where the opposing players are as well as your own defensemen, all while knowing where you are in space in relation to the net?

Get more out of your game!

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