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Dr. Mueller was a member of Rotary from 2017 to 2021, dedicated to community and international service. She was involved in local community charity projects and fundraising efforts contributing to community service and charitable organizations.The Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise actively supports organizations including: Grandview Children’s Center, March of Dimes Young Stroke Survivors Support Group, Learning Disabilities Association of Durham Region


Dr. Mueller has been a Director on the Board of Directors for the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise, and Chair of the club’s Vocation Committee which provides charitable donations to our local community organizations involved with a variety of training and learning initiatives, including school scholarships.

Autism Awareness

Dr. Mueller is a lifetime member of Autism Ontario, and participates in fundraising in a multitude of ways, including over the years such things as: benefit event planning, charity marathon running, and donations.

We support Autism Ontario at NeuroVision in an ongoing basis through a collaborative effort with our frame supplier, Gem Optical. For every set of Gem Optical eyewear sold a total of 10% is donated to Autism Ontario, where 5% is contributed by Gem Optical  and NeuroVision matches funds for an additional 5%.

“My life long commitment to supporting the community with autism is deeply entrenched from growing up with my younger brother, Jeffrey, who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old in 1979. Jeffery, who is non-verbal and has never spoken a word, has been a major influence in my development as a person and as a professional. Ever since my undergraduate studies in physiology and psychology I envisioned a path that unites vision, neurological function, and autism. I am grateful for the privilege of a profession that can address the neurology of vision as it is affected in autism spectrum disorder.”

- Dr. Coralee Mueller, President

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Image by CDC

Optometry Giving Sight

NeuroVision participates in Optometry Giving Sight’s annual World Sight Day Challenge.

World Sight Day (WSD) is held on the second Thursday of October each year, with the intention focused on awareness of global blindness and vision impairment. Throughout the month of October, funds are raised to provide resources such as eye exams and glasses to children around the world who don’t have access to care.

During the month of October at NeuroVision we donate 5% of our total glasses sold to Optometry Giving Sight, plus we collect donations. On World Sight Day, Dr. Mueller also donates her earnings for that day to the World Sight Day Challenge. Our team enjoys sharing snacks and refreshments in the office to celebrate the day with all who join us for the event.

Fretz Fund / Vision Therapy Scholarships

The Fretz Fund is available to Canadians who need vision therapy, and are not able to raise the funds to pay for it. This is the first scholarship of its kind in Canada.

Patients send in their story to Vision Therapy Canada and are awarded funding by committee, based on financial need and demonstrated passion and desire to dedicate themselves to their rehabilitation in vision therapy.

NeuroVision contributes funding to the Fretz Fund, and also provides a NeuroVision scholarship, in the amount of 10% of the Vision Therapy cost, to patients receiving the Fretz Fund scholarship in addition to the funding they receive from the Fretz Fund.


Sick Kids Foundation

NeuroVision is a monthly contributor to the Sick Kids Foundation that goes toward supporting the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our local pediatric hospital.

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